Top 10 Interior Designers in Columbus, OH

Top 10 Interior Designers, Columbus, OH

Your Garage Guys takes pride in our extensive ability to organize people’s lives. However we often find that there’s a variety of things that even we can’t do. Interior Designers offer some of the greatest services to the feel and atmosphere of your home. For many, the thought of hiring a designer seems out of their reach- however we’ve compiled this list of the top 10 interior designers in Columbus to help you turn your house into a home. Whether you want traditional and quaint, or contemporary with a spice of African charm, there’s an interior designer here in Columbus to help you reach your dreams. After you’re done organizing your garage with us, organize the rest of your home with these top designers. Check out our interactive graphic below and go visit their websites!


Colleen Lora, Colleen Lora Designs 
Colleen Lora takes the cake for being known as one of the most charismatic out of the list. She’s known for her enthusiasm and energy in design, and her determination to see a project through to the end. One of the things we admire most about Colleen is her willingness to bring interior design to everyone- not just the wealthiest in Columbus. Visit her website at
Janet Mittman, Janet Mittman Designs 
Janet Mittman takes an interesting take on interior design in Columbus. She prides her company for its excellent work in Window Treatment specialization. She made our list here due her attention to customer service and willingness to specialize in something totally unique. Next time you need window treatments, stop by her website at
Lauren KingLauren King Design 
Lauren King earned her spot on this list for her sophistication and attention to detail in regards to the wants and desires of her customer. She obtained her degree in Interior Design from the University of Cincinnati and then opened her own company. Clients of hers will find that she’s personally invested in their needs and wants, which is what makes her such a special designer. Visit her website at
Paula Chamblin, Paula Chamblin Interiors 
Paula Chamblin has lifelong roots in Interior Design. From the time she was a little girl, she’s wanted to create beautiful interiors. Today she’s known for her extensive experience in the field and her ability to know exactly what her customers need. She makes her customer experience simple and easy because she takes the time to learn about who they are and what they’re interior dreams can become. Take a look at her website at
Valerie Esiso, reStyled by Valerie Interiors and Furniture Boutique 
Valerie Esiso definitely has created something unique here in Columbus. One quick look at her website and you’ll see she’s not just another designer. Valerie takes pride in vintage design and cultural,l take-aways from the world. Clients of hers are sure to have a unique and positive experience with Valerie in charge. Whether you want post-modern design or vintage African charm, she’s ready and able to help you out. 
Kate Wannemacher, Wannemacher Interiors 
Kate brings a unique spin to the Columbus design market. With her schooling based out of New York, she offers a unique combination of bright charm with contemporary solution. Clients of hers all agree that her attention to detail sets her apart from other designers, and a quick look at her work will confirm that. Her decorations are thoughtful and full of tact. Go swing by her website at
Eileen Saums McCandlish, McCandlish Interiors
Eileen has more than a decade worth of experience in the industry. In the past she owned and operated Saums Interiors. Upon moving to Columbus she started her new company- McCandilish Interiors. She’s earned her spot on our list for her unique perspective towards design, even offering Feng Shui options for her clients. You’ll be sure to love her creative mind and out of the box thinking. Take a look at her website at
Megan Conrad, City Park Interiors 
Megan has earned her spot on this list for her care and personal attention she offers to clients. We feel that she would be one of the best options for someone who’s never used an interior designer before. Her clients consistently mention her strong ability to collaborate with different trades in the remodeling process and come up with beautiful solutions for any home. Visit her website at
Chris King, Manifesto Inc.
Chris and Manifesto Designs really are one of favorite designers. Chris has years of experience in interior design and remodel. He offers the benefit to clients of having great know how to work with individual trades in construction and even collaborate with architects to come up with the best solutions possible for your home. Whether you’re building a new house or live in your current one, Chris promises to transform it into a home. Visit his website at
Mary Shipley Smith, Mary Shipley Interiors  
Mary with Mary Shipley interiors is one of our most awarded designers. She has earned a multitude of awards and recognition from different companies around Columbus. And with reason- her design skills and experience span throughout three states and surrounding areas as well. If you’re looking for a great design on an affordable budget, Mary will work with you to make your dreams become a reality. Visit her website at